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    Being a busy mom, it's hard to prioritize my health. After talking with Dr. Goodwin, she not only drilled the importance of eye care, she also recommended the best contacts for my busy life.
    Sanlare G.
    My experience with Dr.Goodwin was tremendous! Her knowledge was impeccable as we discussed the symptoms before her diagnosis . Not only that, but she was very prompt and efficient. I would definitely refer her to anyone I come across in need of an on call Ophthalmologists.
    Latrice H.
    Dr. Anika provided timely, invaluable and practical advice to me during a recent incident when I tore my contact lens while it was inside my eye! It was a Saturday afternoon and my eye care professional’s office was closed. I am so thankful for her expertise!
    Nicole R.
    Dr. Anika really took her time with me. I had several questions and she listened intently to my concerns. She was very caring, friendly and professional! I highly recommend her to anyone!