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    Dr. Anika is a conscientious and compassionate physician passionate about eye health. She explains things in an easy to understand way and is innovative in the way she approaches patient education.
    Kimberly B.
    Being a busy mom, it's hard to prioritize my health. After talking with Dr. Goodwin, she not only drilled the importance of eye care, she also recommended the best contacts for my busy life.
    Sanlare G.
    It’s obvious to see that Dr Anika is on a mission to provide stellar eye care across this country. She has educated us so much on preventative methods to maintain proper eye care and more importantly the things we should keep an “eye” out for to avoid losing our sight. She’s invaluable in the field of ophthalmology, and I’m pleased to have access to her phenomenal insight and service!
    Dr. Felecia S.
    Dr. Anika provided timely, invaluable and practical advice to me during a recent incident when I tore my contact lens while it was inside my eye! It was a Saturday afternoon and my eye care professional’s office was closed. I am so thankful for her expertise!