If you only know one fact about me, I hope this is the one:  vision is my passion!

It is knitted so finely into our everyday existence that it is often taken for granted.  The beauty of a sunrise or sunset, your child’s first smile or first steps, your spouse’s face, all made possible by your sense of vision.  I am so fortunate to play any role at all in maintaining this vital sense.  What I have found over my 18 year career is that people often take their vision for granted, putting off necessary check ups and persistent problems largely due to a lack of convenient access to eye care.  How many of you have you eye physicians name in your phone contact list?  How many know where to go in the event of a minor eye issue or even worse a major one?  Here is a hint, your primary care doctor really doesn’t know a whole lot about eyes.  Why?  Because in medical school, we spend very little time on this organ system.  Unless you choose to become an eye surgeon (like I did), the inner workings of the eye remain a mystery.

Enter this book.  (and pick up your own copy by clicking here.)

As a thought leader in telemedicine and a vision advocate, I have been encouraged to pen a book for quite some time.  I was always told to write about the questions I am most asked.  So instead of writing a text book for my colleagues to sit on a shelf as a dust collector, I elected to write about what patient’s ask me the most.  After all, doesn’t doctor really mean teacher?  My colleagues know where to go to find answers to their medical questions.  Patients, not so much, and Dr. Google can only take you so far.
So I hope that you enjoy this reference and it serves you well when the inevitable questions comes up about your own eyes, “Is this an emergency?  Do I need to go to urgent care of the emergency room or can it wait until normal business hours?”  

If all else fails, visit www.EYEmergencyMD.com and see a board certified ophthalmologist in 15 minutes!  Enjoy!

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